Facility Management ERM

Being a managing committee member itself a matter of respect and responsibility. It carries a lot of effort to be able to keep everyone happy along with smooth functioning of process. How's that; if someone knocks your door for even things in odd hours. Being a managing member, you are solely responsible to communicate and manage things in best possible way that in general body meeting no-one can finger out on your work & efforts out of your busy schedule in personal and professional life. If we say; being part of AOA or RWA as a managing member is just a thankless job with lots of calculations and transparency in system, it would fit right here. Since its our residency so someone will have to take pain of being able to run community well. Here we come in picture. We enable you with most advanced way of managing day to day activities being in system such as Smart Accounting, Online Billing, Invoices & Payments, Managing Utility bills in just a few clicks, customised reports, Venders Management, GateKeeper (Security Gate) live access & endless reports etc.. Just naming a few only here. Everyone likes to enjoy on weekends with friends & family; whether it's you or anyone in Residency Management committee. Don't spoil your moments of life being busy in excel sheets or papers sitting in Committee office. Contact us today; We will set it up right for you and enjoy the leverage of world class community living in best possible ways.

Facility Management CRM Features

Resident Management

Keep track of every resident’s info at one place such as parking allotment,documents, contact details etc.

Facility Staff Management

Easily manage productivity of all your staffs in duty and manage their attendances alongside.

Online Invoices & Payments

You can generate & track all utility invoices in just a few clicks. Track Payments & dues with ease.

Visitors Report

Access Check-in & Check-out report 24/7 of all society visitors including residents, Staffs & Domestic Helpers.

Assets Management

Now it’s easy to keep track of all your important assets at one place and manage their service & repairs

Quick Announcements

You can broadcast society notices and updates through email, text or mobile app in a single click.

Complaints Management

The best way to address all the complaints received from residents in timely & most efficient manner.

Vender Management

Manage all your authorized venders in one place. Access their detail, track their bills, dues & payments anytime.

Customized Reports

Create & download several kinds of reports such as defaulters, dues, Unit statement, Payments etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much time does it take to transition my residency to Society24x7 digital platform?

Once you finalize the agreement; We begin to work immediately. It takes about a week to transition the whole data and mechanism to our online system followed by proper testing & onsite training and various stages throughout the process.

Is my data safe as I am sharing it online to cloud platform?

Yes, Definitely it is secure and safe with us as we use SSL to ensure the online safety along with private hosting platform. Automatic backup is enabled to ensure no lose in case of even worst scenarios ever. At the other hand we are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified in the field of Information Security Management System.

What kind of support scope you guys provide?

Our staff is well trained & professionals to help you with every questions asked. Our support hours are 9 AM to 9 PM Monday to Friday followed by escalated support on Saturday & Sunday too. We believe in true customer service so You will get support on call, chat, email & onsite whatever suits you the best as per situation.

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