Mobile App for Residents

How's that when you buy a house in a world class society and wondering for every small issues & updates around; in your initial days? Isn't that right if it happens then it makes you irritated sometimes? Small things like, knowing outstanding dues, utility bills copy, Payment confirmation, Common facility booking, finding do's and don't, Club timings & access rights, swimming pool updates, Visitor's entry at security gate, Domestic Helpers & services management and many more like this are going to be part of our lives in particular in any residency whether its high rise or floors. We have heard of many cases during the research process of developing this solution which indicates that buying home in an apartment is just the first step you took towards happy life. To be able to adopt happy and smooth living; you have to manage so many small things on own in daily routine as stated above and few more like finding shops nearby, Looking to hire a car cleaner, Parking issues, attending intercom calls every now and then, searching for helpful numbers for household works, Walking to management office for bills, dues, important notices, Payment receipts, booking community hall for events, raising and tracking complaints manually and many more to be added here...
We at SOCIETY24X7™ empowers you to manage anything and everything on your own in just a few finger taps on your android or iOS mobile device. Its super simple smooth solution from us which makes you live like pro while working in office hours or enjoying on weekends without being worried about society related concerns.

Mobile App for Residents Features

Dues & Payments

Check dues & make online payments. See your unit statement online, download monthly invoices and so on…

Pre-Authorize your guests

Give your guest a pleasant & seamless experience of visiting you. Preauthorize them for entry.

Online Notice Board

Don’t miss out on any updates or circulars from your society office. Be notified and access them at one place

24/7 Directory Access

Access all your society’s important name & numbers in one place. Dial them directly without feeding it

Online complaints

Now raise & track all your complaints through mobile app. Include pictures & reopen if not satisfied

Approve or Decline your visitors

Whenever any unplanned visitor at your society main gate; its your call to allow them or send back without talking to them

Domestic Helper Management

Now you can hire maid, nanny, cook etc. within app and keep track of their check-in & check-out

Local Services

Search for local services around you using our integrated categories like Laundry, Mechanic, Restaurants and many more

Multi user Platform

Your all family members can install and start using this mobile app like a pro. Create different passwords for all

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I approve or deny any unplanned visitor?

  • Yes, you can approve or decline any of your visitors through mobile app on real time basis.
  • You can preauthorize your guests for future entries. Share OTP & QR code for seamless check-in experience
  • Raise Wrong Entry alert anytime if you don’t recognize someone authorized under your name

Can I track status of any complaint raised and reopen if not satisfied?

Yes, you can raise & track all your complaints 24/7. You can re-open if not satisfied and give star rating as per resolution received. Real time update notifications enabled.

Is it always required to login to app for updates?

No, not necessarily… We notify you through text messages and emails as well to make sure updates have been conveyed properly. Notification choice is always yours.

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